SurfStitch Announced as Exclusive ANZ Retail Partner for Volcom x The Outer Banks Apparel Collection

SurfStitch and Volcom today announced that SurfStitch will be the exclusive ANZ online retailer for the new Netflix Outer Banks (OBX) inspired collection.

Dane Patterson, GM Brand and Ecommerce, SurfStitch comments: “Outer Banks has gained critical acclaim and a devoted international fanbase.

“With an experimental take on wardrobe classics, defined by a fiercely genderless and individual aesthetic, we are thrilled to announce our unique retailer partnership with Volcom.”

Released to coincide with the launch of Season 2 of the cult-favourite Netflix series, the collection features graphics and styles as seen in the award-winning series with a range of men’s, women’s and gender-neutral products.

“Working closely with Netflix and Outer Banks we were able to get a preview of the storyline, evolution of characters and their ride-or-die friendships that inspired us to create bespoke designs that capture exciting and emotional moments of the new season,” notes Ryan Immegart, Volcom CMO.

“This was the perfect opportunity to showcase Volcom’s signature style. We also felt it was important to bring some gender-neutral products that are authentic to the storyline and represent the Volcom and OBX fans,” added Lyndsey Roach, Volcom Global Head of Women’s.

Similar to the OBX show, the ‘Have a Good Time All the Time’ collection embraces the outcasts with a creative vision to accomplish remarkable things no matter what’s at stake. Standout pieces from the men’s collection include a ‘Pogue Life’ tee, boardshorts, trunks, wovens, tees, fleeces and a bucket hat in a print as seen on John B from Season 1.

The women’s collection includes your new favourite tie-dye sweatshirt with a quote ‘You love being seen with me, but you don’t love me’, ‘Kook Princess’ tee and a ‘P4L (Pogues 4 Life)’ sweatshirt as seen in Season 2.

The collection also includes a gender-neutral button-up ‘Your BF’s Shirt’ inspired by the piece worn by John B and Sarah in Season 2. Other items include a beach blanket, backpack, hats and John B handkerchiefs in classic Volcom fabrics.

OBX Season 2 launches on Friday 30 July.