Australian fashion brand Insight has just launched its online eCommerce globally, marked by a campaign collaboration with more than 20 creatives who will partner with the brand and Art by Friends.

Called ‘Systems Reboot’, the campaign series brings together graphic designers, digital and 3D artists, animators, videographers and musicians from Australia, US, Asia and Europe to produce original and immersive branded content.

Insight is a subsidiary of Alquemie Group.

Insight’s global launch will include a new standalone website and exclusive ranges, as well as a stronger presence in General Pants and a new e-commerce partnership with SurfStitch. Both are also subsidiaries in the Alquemie Group portfolio.

The second series of collaborations under Art By Friends will launch in early 2023, including exclusive merchandise and events.

Alquemie Group CEO Sacha Laing said this is a strategic move for Insight, which he describes as a brand that blends style and alternative subculture.

“With a streak for rebellion and challenging the status quo, Insight celebrates self-expression and viewing the world through a unique lens, and we look forward to continuing its growth trajectory with this global launch,” Laing said.

Insight was founded in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1993, bringing alternative fashion through skate, surfing, art, music.

Originally inspired by the alternative lifestyles and subcultures of surf, skate, art, music and fashion, Insight was founded on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and reimagined bold to create a signature apparel brand.

Alquemie Group CCO Jacq Vuleta said the global launch marks Insight’s evolution as it collaborates with artists internationally.

The first Art by Friends series includes collaborations with Austin-based video-artist Alex Aulson, Australian graphic designer Jericho Marcel, Paris-based visual and audio artist Michael Renassia, Stockholm-based graphic designer Achilles Marondis, US based digital creator Blaine Pate and music by Australian-based band Teenage Dads.

Alquemie Group is a retail and consumer investment platform managed by ACTA Capital. It’s current portfolio includes LEGO® Certified Stores, General Pants, SurfStitch, Ginger & Smart, Pumpkin Patch and National Geographic apparel (a partnership with the Walt Disney Company). It expects additional acquisitions in the future.

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